How to keep a Table together?

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John on 21 Sep 2020
Answered: Rhea Chandy on 1 Oct 2020
How to keep the Table (mlreportgen.dom.Table) together on same page? Knowing the Table is not longer than one page.
If the rest of the page below is too short, sart the table on next page.

Accepted Answer

Rhea Chandy
Rhea Chandy on 1 Oct 2020
I understand you want to know how to start a table on the next page if it does not fit into a single page, and how to split the table if the table is longer than the page.
In order to ensure that the table starts on the new page, consider using PageBreakBefore class to add a page break before your object. This will specify to always start the associated object on a new page.
If the table is longer than the page itself, consider the AllowBreakAcrossPages class. This will specify whether to allow a row to start on the next page when it cannot fit on the current page, or to allow it to flow to the next page when it cannot fit in one page.
In addition, if your table is too wide to fit in one one page, this example shows how to fit wide tables using the Table Slicer object, and to resize columns accroding to their content.

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John on 24 Sep 2020
Can matlab calculate and compare the vertical length of a table?
If the table is longer than the rest of the paper, add a page break and start on next page.
Thanks for your help!




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