how to draw a tangent to a data points at a given x-coordinates in matlab

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Suppose I've a data like this
t=0:10:100 Ca = 50,26.1,13.6266,7.11,3.7137,1.9387,1.012, .5284, .2758, .1440, .0752
This is some experimental data of some rxn
Here I want to know the slope of tangent at some x value.
So how we draw the tangents to this data points using matlab

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza il 22 Set 2020
Unless you have an equation describing these data points, you can only estimate the slope of tangent (derivative) using gradient() function and then interpolating the result.
For example
t = 0:10:100;
Ca = [50,26.1,13.6266,7.11,3.7137,1.9387,1.012, .5284, .2758, .1440, .0752];
dCa_dt = gradient(Ca)./gradient(t);
df = @(t_) interp1(t, dCa_dt, t_); % derivarive of Ca at any point t=t_
>> df(2)
ans =
>> df(45)
ans =

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