Extracting a submatrix based on conditions on first columns of a big matrix

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A small part of a big data is shown here !!. I want to extract a submatrix from this big data matrix and then perform operations.Extraction is purely based first coloumn values, for example if the values in first coloumn are greater than 527 and smaller than 580,it should extract a submatrix where entries in first coloumn are between 527 and 580 and have all coresponding coloumns from big data Matrix.Thanks

Accepted Answer

James Tursa
James Tursa on 14 Oct 2020
BigMatrix = your big matrix
BigMatrix1 = BigMatrix(:,1); % 1st column
x = BigMatrix1 > 527 & BigMatrix1 < 580; % logical indexes of what you want
SubMatrix = BigMatrix(x,:); % the sub matrix

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