Lidar sensor wont rotate in own executable Unreal Engine

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For a project I'm working with the automated driving toolbox and its possibility to create own scenes in unreal engine. It works well, only I need to have the simulated LiDAR sensor at a certain angle. Only this is not working for me when I try it in my own unreal exectuable, where it works fine in the default scenes. I didn't change anyting in the scene, I just used packed the files from the toolbox into an exectuable as said to do here: .
As you can see here it Lidar (thing above the center of the car roof) is angled with a 45 degree of roll:
However with the same settings the Lidar is still in the normal position for some reason:
Does anybody know how I can fix this?

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Igor Klimchynski
Igor Klimchynski on 30 Nov 2020
Please check that you have the support package for R2020b installed: .
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Bram Surewaard
Bram Surewaard on 1 Dec 2020
Yes I have that installed, and I am working with the R2020a version

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