Error in opening a data file with cdf extension

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FW on 10 Dec 2020
Commented: Mathieu NOE on 10 Dec 2020
I have been sent data file with a .cdf extension. It is supposed to contain time and light absorbance data. When I use the cdfread('Filename.cdf'), I get an error message in Matlab 2019b
"The file format is netCDF, not CDF. See "help netcdf"
if ncdisplay is used then I get the error message
"Error using ncdisp
Too many output arguments."
Lastly, I tried ncinfo, and then the output is 1x1 structure. How should one proceed to extract numerical data from this file in Matlab? I have tried using PeakFit to open it and save the data as .dat file and then proceed with it, however, it would be better open directly in Matlab.
P.S. I had also tried Import Data, and the output was garbled characters. Thanks

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