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Save values from iterations

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stelios loizidis
stelios loizidis il 4 Gen 2021
Risposto: Manas Shukla il 3 Feb 2022
for r=1:5
for w=1:100
Datax(r,:)=(W'*NewDatax(r,:)')'; % size: NewDatax 5X70
Values(r,:)=ntempDatax(r,:)*z; % size: Values 5X30
% Mean Absolute Error
MAE(w,r)=mae(Values(r,:)-ActualData); % size: MAE: 5X100
% Find the smallest value and position of each column
for r=1:5
% Comparison of the 5 values ​​obtained from above and selection of the smallest value and the position.
% Confirmation of results
In the above code I have the matrix NewDatax (5X70) and I select each row of the specific matrix (NewDatax) and the above procedure is done and then I calculate the MAE. After each column of the matrix MAE I find the smallest value but also the position of the smallest value. Next, I compare the smallest value of each column and select the smallest value and its position so that all 30 values ​​are selected which give this small result. In the end I re-calculate the error-mae (a) to confirm if the results are correct. However, the following issue arises: The result given by a is the mae given by the values ​​of the last iteration. That is, the values ​​from the last iteration (5x30) are stored in matrix Values. How to save all values ​​from each iteration? That is, the size of the matrix Values should be 500x30. Your help is important.

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Manas Shukla
Manas Shukla il 3 Feb 2022
As per my understanding, you want the variable “Value” to be of size (500*30) instead of (5*30). Since dimensions of the variable “Value” depends on the variable “Datax”, you should change the way you are indexing in “Datax”. Replace line number 3 of the code snippet you provided in the question with following:
This will modify the dimensions of the variable “Value” to (500*30).


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