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Alphabetical sort of a number of excel files in the directory

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I have a bunch of excel xlsx files in a directory named like this:
Farbin Inc.xlsx
Younan Metal Works.xlsx
Shree Transport.xlsx
These primarily contain alphanumerical data. One of these columns contains entries (one in each row) whose sum is the total expenditure of the company, this is numerical data. The total expenditure is not listed separately (in any other column).
For some reason, a plot is desired in which the x-axis range is increasing alphabetically (based on the first alphabet of the name of the company), and the y-axis value is the corresponding expenditure. For example, Farbin Inc can be
so that the total expenditure is the sum of these rows, i.e. $ 642,320.
It seems easy to read the files individually, and do the sum to obtain the expenditure value. But simply unable to obtain this required plot. How can such an alphabetical arrangement be obtained? Thanks.

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