Why is the Simulink Real-Time "Target Scope" block not available in R2020b or later?

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There is no more "Target Scope" block shipped with Simulink Real-Time R2020b or later releases. It used to be available in 'Graphical' and 'Numerical' modes.
How can I visualize or display the signal data on a screen connected to my Speedgoat target computer in newer releases?

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Simulink Real-Time went through a major product update for the R2020b release. Graphics support has been removed as part of this in favor of a more performant SSH shell-based QNX real-time operating system. This means that it will not be possible to visualize signals on the target screen anymore.
As a workaround, visualize the data and signals on the host computer using one of the methods below:

1. Simulation Data Inspector (SDI)

Use Simulation Data Inspector (SDI) to observe signals that you have marked for logging inside your model or using Simulink Real-Time Explorer:
It is also possible to add and remove signals from SDI during runtime without requiring a rebuild, as explained in the MATLAB Answers post below:

2. Simulink Scopes and Dashboard Scopes

You can access live signal plots from the model canvas by adding Simulink Scope or Dashboard Scope blocks to your model. Start the simulation using the "Run on Target" button (external mode).

3. App created with MATLAB App Designer & SLRT App Generator

Design a custom App Designer instrument panel app to stream data using instrument objects. This app can also be deployed as a standalone executable using MATLAB Compiler. See the following MATLAB Answer for an overview:

4. Axes tab in SLRT Explorer

Starting in R2023b, you can add axes as a custom instrumentation tab in SLRT Explorer. For more information, see Customize Instrumentation Display.

Additional Notes

(1) It will still be possible to connect a monitor to the target machine. A text-based status log will be visible on the target screen:
(2) To replicate a Target Scope in 'Numerical' mode, printing to the target machine status monitor might be a feasible workaround. An example can be found in the following link:
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