(trainingData) input argument for (trainFast​erRCNNObje​ctDetector​) fullfillme​nt/require​ment.

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trainingData= input argument;
The format of this trainingData in table case is specified by matlab https://www.mathworks.com/help/vision/ref/trainrcnnobjectdetector_groundtruth.png
when we have more than one classes the columns would increase. In my case, gttrain was in messed up format and csv format.I want to use that data for training.
When i want to use it i have to get matlab specified table. How to reach to that table format ?
The csv file is shared along with format of training table.
Rik on 1 Feb 2021
In response to your e-mail ("I am really upset since no one in Matlab is trying to respond to my query. I have posted it 3rd time. But no response. Can you tell me what is the answering criteria?"):
Have a read here and here for advice about posting questions that are likely to get an answer.
I personally don't have much experience with deep learning and I don't understand your question well enough to answer it. Posting your questions several times will not help (it might even reduce the chance to get an answer).

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