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What is prodofsize?

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埃博拉酱 il 18 Feb 2021
Risposto: the cyclist il 18 Feb 2021
I saw it in the document of cellfun, but it does not seem to exist as an actual function, i.e., it's impossible to call it directly, and there're no official documents describing it. I have read many other answers and could only find it used as the first argument to cellfun. Is it deprecated? Or a hidden little feature in cellfun for some other reasons?

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the cyclist
the cyclist il 18 Feb 2021
It is mentioned in the "Backward Compatibility" section of the documentation of cellfun, although there doesn't seem to be any info about what the prodofsize means as an input argument.
But if you type
help cellfun
at the MATLAB prompt, you'll see a description.

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