Contact Forces/Torques for Robotics Applications

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Hakan Ertugrul
Hakan Ertugrul il 10 Mar 2021
Risposto: J Chen il 2 Giu 2021
I am using Robotics Systems Toolbox in Simulink and performing dynamical simulation. The simulation consists of a free movement and then a contact arised from a peg-in-hole task.
Because of the contact, I need to pass the reaction forces and moments back to the robot (by multiplying with the transpose of the jacobian of the end-effector of the robot in order to convert them to joint torques) to include contact effects on the robot.
As fas as I see, either Simulink Multibody Contact Forces Libary or Spatial Contact Force Block only gives normal forces in scalar, not vectoral.
Is there a way to get forces and torques in vector format to feed robot for contact dynamics effects?
Thanks in advance.
Best regards,
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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang il 30 Apr 2021
I couldn't find a way getting that info either. I'll ask the development team for an enhancement. If there is known solution, they'll probably let me know. I agree this would be very useful.
Hakan Ertugrul
Hakan Ertugrul il 13 Mag 2021
Dear Yifeng,
Thanks for your reply and interest. I am very eager to see if possible.
Best regards,

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J Chen
J Chen il 2 Giu 2021
The Spatial Contact Force Block will automatically apply the forces to the elements connected to its two ports. You don't need to feed the forces yourself. The magnitude of the forces can be outputed by checking the Sensing option of the block.

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