plot3 with implicit domain

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Niklas Kurz
Niklas Kurz il 27 Apr 2021
Modificato: Niklas Kurz il 2 Mag 2021
I'd like to plot f(u,v) = (u,v,sqrt(1-u^2-v^2)) whereas u^2+v^2 <1;
I thought of using plot3 and defining
[u,v] = deal(linspace(-2,2,200));
Thing is, I got to incorporate the implicit condition somehow. Fimplicit3 doesn't help here. I could probalby solve for one of the variables and substitute but that's getting already complex in my head. Is there a handy solution?

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DGM il 27 Apr 2021
Maybe something like this?
n = 50;
u = linspace(-2,2,n);
v = linspace(-2,2,n)';
f = u.^2 - v.^2; % the function
dm = (u.^2 + v.^2)<1; % the domain mask
f(~dm) = NaN; % NaN values don't plot
axis equal
title('Math Pringle')
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Niklas Kurz
Niklas Kurz il 29 Apr 2021
Modificato: Niklas Kurz il 2 Mag 2021
that illustration was beautiful

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