Convolution of two .wav files and deconvolve to get back original

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i have convolved two audio files in .WAV format (y1 and y2) to compute y3. Now i would like to de convolve ( i mean i m trying to get back the audio y2 from y3). I didnt get the same value(y2 is not equal to x1). How to get the same values. The code is given below. i have attached the audio files also.
clear all;
close all;
% Fs = 8000;
[y1,Fs] = audioread('modern.wav');
% sound(y1,Fs);
[y2,Fs] = audioread('second.wav');
% sound(y2,Fs);
%Perform Convolution
y3 = conv(y1,y2);
% sound(y3,Fs);
%Perform De convolution to get back y2
Lx=length(y3)-length(y1)+1; %
Lx2=pow2(nextpow2(Lx)); % Find smallest power of 2 that is > Lx
Y=fft(y3, Lx2); % Fast Fourier transform
H=fft(y1, Lx2); % Fast Fourier transform
xchk = ifft(X);
x=real(ifft(X, Lx2)); % Inverse fast Fourier transform

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