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Block diagonal change the first and last blocks with some other matrices

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Mücahit Özalp
Mücahit Özalp on 16 Jun 2021
Edited: Mücahit Özalp on 19 Jun 2021
C([1 end])=C([1 end])+1;
B([1 end])=B([1 end])-1/2;
I have B and C matrices. I can form a blockdiagonal matrix such that C on the diagonal. As follows;
But I want to change the first and the last blocks with the matrix B.( In the first block and last block instead of C there should be B matrix.)
How can I do that? (N will be a variable so the size of the matrix will change according to the written N value.)

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David Hill
David Hill on 16 Jun 2021
Why not use blkdiag() function?

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