How to edit exported regression model in regression learner app, after downloading the model.

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After downloading my trained model, I am unsure how to upload and edit it back in the regression leaner.
Additionally, when I open my downloaded model into the MATLAB workspace, I am not entirely sure where all of the data, regarding the model's RMSE, and other error values can be found within the model's struct.
Which parts of the data within the struct are useful to me, if I was to write a report on the data/outcome of this model?

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dpb on 17 Jul 2021
  1. No provisions are made for loading anything but data -- seems silly design oversight, but that appears to be the way things are.
  2. For regression model, the exported object is a linearmodel; the app lsn't that great on anything but the barest bones of using it, but the doc for the object itself has all the skinny or doc linearmodel at the command line for local help files.
  3. That's basically all up to what level of detail you're out to report and to whom and for what purpose(s). There's a pretty good section on general regression model validation and what some of the statistics imply...




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