Variables Calculated in Function Somehow Aren't Assigned to Output

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My code was working only a day ago, but it just stopped giving me output. I know it calculates the variables I need (wg,pm) becasue it will display them, but it never leaves the scope of the for loop. I know its gotta be something simple, but I'm stumped.
function[wp,pm,wg,gm] = pleaseWork(tf_in)
tf = inline(tf_in,'r')
j = 1
for w = 0:0.1:100
magDB = 20*log10(abs(tf(i*w)));
phase = mod((180/pi)*atan2(imag(tf(i*w)),real(tf(i*w))),-360);
if round(magDB) == 0
wg = w
pm = phase + 180
if round(phase) == -180
wp = w
gm = -magDB
hold on
title('HW 2 #9')
ylabel('Magnitude (dB)')
hold on
ylabel('Phase (deg)')
xlabel('Angular Frequency (rad/s)')
j = j + 1;
Dominic Troche
Dominic Troche on 21 Jul 2021
Edited: Dominic Troche on 21 Jul 2021
Yeah that was it, I had no idea MATLAB wouldnt output if all outputs weren't assigned. j was accidentally copy and pasted over to this post, I truncated a lot of the code for readability.

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Accepted Answer

Jonas on 21 Jul 2021
Edited: Jonas on 21 Jul 2021
looks like your two if statements are never fullfilled, thats why output variables are empty
Dominic Troche
Dominic Troche on 21 Jul 2021
Actually, you're 100% correct. I didnt know MATLAB would assign any outputs if ALL o them werent assigned at some point.

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