How to vary Gain in Simulink dependent on input's amplitude and phase during runtime ?

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The Gain block and continuous block in Simulink require the user to specify a gain. This can be a workspace variable. But I want to vary this gain during runtime. I can't seem to get a solution for this. This idea is simple but I can't believe it is so difficult to implement.
I have tried using another block to write to workspace, but found out that the 'to workspace' block only writes to the workspace after the simulation ends or pauses.
I can store the variable in a data memory block, but I don't know how to specify the gain value(s) for the gain/PID block in this case.
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Nikhil N
Nikhil N il 24 Lug 2021
Can you provide the scenario where you would require to change the gain value?
Harsh Kumar
Harsh Kumar il 29 Lug 2021
Let's suppose my gain is 'fun' which depends upon the amplitude(x)of the input signal.
fun = @(x) (cos(x)).^2/(1+2*cos(x)).^3;
And also I've stored the amplitude in a data storage in workspace.
How can I implement this in a Gain block in simulink?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang il 29 Lug 2021
Use the Product block. The Gain block is an operation of multiplication, right?


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