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Andrea Corazza submitted Solution 2727768 to Problem 2784. Y=X

on 22 Jul 2020

Andrea Corazza received Community Group Solver badge for Basics - Triangles

on 21 Jul 2020

Andrea Corazza submitted a Comment to Problem 1451. Symmetry of vector

Hello everyone, just a quick hint for this test: at the moment, one can pass this test simply checking whether x(1)==x(end). However, to me at least, it makes more sense to split the check for even and odd vectors and to check if the corresponding symmetrical elements are the same or not. If any of the pairs of elements are not equal, then we exit the cycle and we terminate with a false/0. This is the way I figured out a robust check, otherwise it's just cheating. KR, Andrea

on 20 Jul 2020

Andrea Corazza submitted a Comment to Problem 41. Cell joiner

Hello everyone :) Just a quick one: the code I provide below here work fine in Matlab (r2019b), so each solution matches the one I'm asked to provide. However, when evaluating the code on Cody, I get "Assertion failed". Can anyone please explain me if it's a matter of conversion or some details I am missing? KR, Andrea out_str=[]; for jj=1:length(in_cell) tmp=char(in_cell(jj)); c=[tmp,delim]; if jj==1 out_str=c; else out_str=[out_str,c]; end end

on 20 Jul 2020

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