Martin Hrabina

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Martin Hrabina submitted a Comment to Solution 1394737

Hey ;) Could you please comment on my solution? I see the size is much larger than leading solution, but regardless. I would say my solution is lame, because it was taylored for this specific set of conditions (test suite), I would like to make "universal" solution, which could work for random inputs, but this taylored solution seems much easier. What do you think? Thank you for your opinion :)

on 26 Dec 2017

Martin Hrabina submitted a Comment to Problem 44350. Breaking Out of the Matrix

Hey, I have similar problem as Viko (the same error). I am just wondering why is the function checking submatrix up until index 36 when matrix M (derived from matrix x = eye(7)) has dimensions (2,2,16).

on 24 Oct 2017

Martin Hrabina received Solver badge for Solution 1295105

on 18 Oct 2017

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