Problem 1097. USC Fall 2012 ACM Question A : Read Input File

Solution 173570

Submitted on 6 Dec 2012 by @bmtran (Bryant Tran)
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
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%% tic urlfn=''; urlwrite(urlfn,'codesin_A.txt'); % Load file from USC toc for trial=1:3 ptr=randi(17); A_USC = USC_file(urlfn,ptr); fid=fopen('codesin_A.txt','r'); qty=fscanf(fid,'%i',1); for q=1:ptr nr=fscanf(fid,'%i',1); nc=fscanf(fid,'%i',1); A=zeros(nr,nc); for i=1:nr strv=fscanf(fid,'%s',1); % Reads a line of text A(i,:)=strv-'0'; % vectorize the string end strv=fscanf(fid,'%s',1); Test=strv-'0'; end fclose(fid); assert(isequal(A,A_USC)) end % trial toc

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