Problem 1728. Transpose

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Submitted on 26 Jul 2013 by Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
%% n = ceil(100*rand()); v = rand(1,n); v_correct = v'; assert(isequal(question(v),v_correct));

[Warning: Function /users/msssystem14/assert.m has the same name as a MATLAB builtin. We suggest you rename the function to avoid a potential name conflict.] [> In question at 2 In verifyCode>evaluateCode at 227 In verifyCode at 40 In fevalJSON at 14 In workspacefunc at 7]

2   Pass
%% fid = fopen('question.m'); line1=fgetl(fid); line2=fgetl(fid); line3=fgetl(fid); fclose(fid); assert(strcmp('function myAns = question(v)',line1),'Only change the lines you are asked to'); assert(strcmp(' %%%%%',line2),'Only change the lines you are asked to'); assert(strcmp(' %%%%% Place your code below. DO NOT change anything outside the region %%%%',line3),'Only change the lines you are asked to');

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