Problem 42810. String Find with Wildcards of a Cell array

Solution 878768

Submitted on 20 Apr 2016 by Jean-Marie Sainthillier
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
c={'abcdef' '12345' 'matfile.mat' 'fname.xls'}; str='*.xls'; assert(isequal(stridx(c,str),[4]))

2   Pass
c={'abcdef' '12345' 'matfile.mat' 'fname.xls'}; str='xls'; assert(isequal(stridx(c,str),[4]))

3   Pass
c={'abcdef' '12345' 'matfile.mat' 'abcfname.xls'}; str='a*f'; assert(isequal(stridx(c,str),[1 3 4]))

4   Pass
c={'abcdef' '12345' 'matfile.mat' 'abcfname.xls'}; str='a?f'; assert(isequal(stridx(c,str),[3]))

5   Pass
c={'abcdef' '12345' 'matfile.mat' 'abcfname.xls'}; str='1*5'; assert(isequal(stridx(c,str),[2]))

6   Pass
c={'random' 'test.mart' 'rat' 'matfile.mat' 'random.mat' 'matfile'}; str='.ma*t'; assert(isequal(stridx(c,str),[2 4 5]))