Solution 1786910

Submitted on 14 Apr 2019
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
S= evalc('ver'); index = findstr('MATLAB License Number:',S); startis = index+length('MATLAB License Number:'); licensis = S(startis:startis+7); y_correct = strtrim(licensis) assert(isequal(piracy_or_not,y_correct)) % Prevents cheating 16-Apr-2012 filetext = fileread('piracy_or_not.m') assert(isempty(strfind(filetext, '655986')))

y_correct = 'Operat' S = struct with fields: Name: 'MATLAB' Version: '9.6' Release: '(R2019a)' Date: '05-Mar-2019'

Error using findstr Inputs must be string scalars or character vectors. Error in piracy_or_not (line 4) index = findstr('MATLAB License Number:',S) Error in Test1 (line 6) assert(isequal(piracy_or_not,y_correct))