Problem 586. All Humans are Created Equal - Pareto Equality

Solution 199333

Submitted on 1 Feb 2013
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
y_correct = true; assert(isequal(ispareto({1,'foo',40},{0,'bar',30}),y_correct)) y_correct = false; assert(isequal(ispareto({-2,-10,'z'},{0,-9,'t'}),y_correct)) y_correct = false; assert(isequal(ispareto({-2,-10,-2},{0,5,6},{0,2,30}),y_correct)) y_correct = true; assert(isequal(ispareto({1,'foo',40},{0,'bar',30},{10,'zoo',-1}),y_correct))

Error: Assertion failed.