Problem 980. Unique values without using UNIQUE function

Solution 1079766

Submitted on 12 Dec 2016 by Christopher
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
filetext = fileread('your_fcn_name.m') assert(isempty(strfind(filetext, 'unique'))) assert(isempty(strfind(filetext, 'stable'))) A = [9 2 9 5]; assert(isequal(your_fcn_name(A),unique(A,'stable')))

filetext = function x = your_fcn_name(x) pos=1; while pos<numel(x) idx=find(x==x(pos)); x(idx(2:end))=[]; pos=pos+1; end end %This code written by profile_id 404847

2   Pass
x = [42 1 1 1 42 17 17]; assert(isequal(your_fcn_name(x),unique(x,'stable')))

3   Pass
x = rand(1,25); assert(isequal(your_fcn_name(x),unique(x,'stable')))

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