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What’s your beverage of choice while programming in MATLAB?

Something harder
Nothing, I'm good
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Maria il 13 Set 2021

Cacao beverage (warm water, cacao, and oat milk)

JEYANTH M il 13 Set 2021

simply waste

Andrew Janke
Andrew Janke il 11 Set 2021

Coffee or a Bud Light Lime-a-Rita for me.

mert hayta
mert hayta il 10 Set 2021

I take my pills to relieve my anxiety while using System Composer Toolbox...

Anthony Almonte
Anthony Almonte il 10 Set 2021

i prefer bleach

Sagar Hukkire
Sagar Hukkire il 9 Set 2021

"Masala Tea" is my friend

Chance Price
Chance Price il 9 Set 2021

"Something harder" O.O lol

Allan Paolo
Allan Paolo il 13 Set 2021

What, people wants to code drunk?


DGM il 13 Set 2021

Perhaps the motivations are open to misinterpretation.

On one hand, someone may find that coding tasks drive them to seek distraction with alcohol. On the other, someone may find that being drunk drives them to seek distraction with MATLAB.

David Katz
David Katz il 9 Set 2021

Thanks Chen I needed this

Santiago Fernández
Santiago Fernández il 8 Set 2021

Here in Argentina we drink MATE !

Alex Miller
Alex Miller il 8 Set 2021

Rat poison is pretty attractive after a day's work

Federico Miretti
Federico Miretti il 8 Set 2021

Milk&honey to ease my sore throat beacause of all the profanities I loudly yelled at the computer screen

DGM il 8 Set 2021

Look on the bright side, at least an LCD monitor is a lot easier to throw across the room than a heavy CRT.

Divaldo Valente Soroa
Divaldo Valente Soroa il 8 Set 2021

Seems to be fair

Thomas Burkhart
Thomas Burkhart il 7 Set 2021

Where's the Baja Blast option

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 8 Set 2021

Is Baja Blast called "pop" or "soft-drink" or "soda" ?

Thomas Burkhart
Thomas Burkhart il 8 Set 2021

I prefer soda; someone people call it pop for some off reason🤡

zhang xingyun
zhang xingyun il 7 Set 2021


Deepu S S
Deepu S S il 7 Set 2021


Bobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer il 4 Set 2021

Gin and vodka, shaken, not stirred.

Richard Mcnair
Richard Mcnair il 4 Set 2021 (Modificato il 4 Set 2021)

Protein shake which I drink through a straw, coding with one hand while lifting weights with the other.

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 5 Set 2021

Training for the MATLAB Olympiad?

DGM il 5 Set 2021

Do you have three hands, or is that just a really long straw?

Richard Mcnair
Richard Mcnair il 5 Set 2021

I've got a very long straw too.

Mohamed Zineldin
Mohamed Zineldin il 3 Set 2021

Usually don't drink any thing but may be water or tea or Roselle, sometimes eat Konafa and rusk.

Nicolò Dall'Acqua
Nicolò Dall'Acqua il 2 Set 2021


Adam Danz
Adam Danz il 2 Set 2021

Tears of joy and excitement I presume! 😂

Chen Lin
Chen Lin il 3 Set 2021

Can't believe 'tears' has 8 votes so far 😂 Not clear it's tears of joy or tears of sadness at this moment. I'm wondering if 'tears' is an option in the poll, how many votes we will get? haha.

Sven Saemundsson
Sven Saemundsson il 2 Set 2021

Irish coffee, hold the coffee

David il 2 Set 2021

Depends on the time of day.

Berkem Teksüz
Berkem Teksüz il 1 Set 2021


DGM il 1 Set 2021

Vodka. Judging by my code, I doubt I need to prove it. :D

Wandrys Nascimento de Sousa
Wandrys Nascimento de Sousa il 1 Set 2021

With vodka I would get an infinite loop in my code.

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 31 Ago 2021

Milk of various flavours.

Kent Millard
Kent Millard il 1 Set 2021

I feel compelled to ask: what's your favorite flavor?

Growing up, I used to drink "strawberry" flavored milk. Coffee milk is a thing in Rhode Island but as a coffee drinker, I can't recommend it. Chocolate is still a favorite though.

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 2 Set 2021

Chocolate milk is (almost) always good. But in practice, it is mostly the little 250 ml snack drinks from the corner Korean store, such as Banana, or Strawberry, or Lychee/Peach (which is a bit odd at first, but surprisingly tasty.)

The Japanese / Korean Green Plum drinks can also be quite refreshing. And I buy 24-packs of snack soy milk or snack black bean drink.

I can't keep Chocolate Soy Milk in the house; I go through a 1.5 litre container of that in about 2 hours.

No coffee for me, though; it tastes bad to me even in fairly low concentrations.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 31 Ago 2021

What? No soda/soft drinks as a choice?

Louis Lin
Louis Lin il 10 Set 2021

Ahh, Mr. Image Analyst, big fan of all your solutions XD.

Prof. X
Prof. X il 1 Set 2021

Coke and Dr. Pepper are the hard stuff. It has been a rough day if I go for those.

Adam Danz
Adam Danz il 31 Ago 2021

Don't you mean 'pop'? 😃

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 2 Set 2021

Around here, you pour yourself a pop from the soda-fountain that is right beside the soft-drinks cooler -- which also contains the iced tea.

Adam Danz
Adam Danz il 31 Ago 2021
John O
John O il 4 Set 2021

Thank you! I needed a laugh right about now.....

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