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MATLAB class to allow large data sets to me memory mapped from disc (including from MAT-files)


Updated 22 Sep 2009

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An ADCARRAY object usually contains a memmapfile object, together with a scale and offset to convert the values stored on disc (and pointed to by the memmapfile object) to real world numbers which are returned as double precision. These can also be transformed by a function pointed to by a handle stored in the ADCARRAY object. Referencing an ADCARRAY object as though it were a double precision array e.g. using obj(), obj(:), obj(1:10), obj(2,1:5,10:end) etc, returns a scaled, offset and transformed double precision array regardless of the native format of the data in the memmapfile object. These can be passed as input arguments to other MATLAB functions e.g. s=sum(obj()). Also, the memmapfile object can be replaced by a structure.

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