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Compare last N chars of strings or cell strings (fast C-Mex)


Updated 25 Feb 2022

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Compare last N chars of strings or cell strings
== Use EndsWith() in modern versions!
Input and output equal Matlab's STRNCMP/STRNCMPI, but the strings are compared from right to left.
T = strncmpr(S1, S2, N) or T = strncmpir(S1, S2, N)
S1, S2: Strings or cell strings.
N: Number of characters to compare.
T: Logical array, TRUE if the last N characters are equal, FALSE otherwise.
For STRNCMPIR the case is ignored.
Comparing just two strings in the backward direction can be done in Matlab with a fair efficiency. But for cell strings, this C-Mex is much faster than equivalent Matlab methods: e.g. 3% processing time for comparing a string with a {1 x 100} cell, 1% for {1 x 1000}. I apply it to identify the extensions of file names stored in cell strings.
Call the unit-test function Teststrncmpr to check validity and speed.
Tested: Matlab 6.5, 7.7, 7.8, WinXP, compatibility to Linux and OS-X assumed.
Compiler: LCC2.4/3.8, BCC5.5, OpenWatcom 1.8, MSVC 2008.
It is assumed that wchar_t has the same size as mxChar.
Pre-compiled Mex:
I'd appreciate suggestions for improvements and bug reports sent through email - thanks.

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