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Inverse Kinematic for 6DOF arm

version (1.74 KB) by Andrea Cirillo
It calculates Inverse Kinematic for 6DOF anthropomorphic arm with spherical wrist.


Updated 31 Jan 2011

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% Anthropomorphic arm with 6 DOF and spherical wrist
% It calculates the Inverse Kinematic of an Anthropomorphic arm with 6 DOF.
% 'q' is the solutions in radiant and K is the direct Kinematic matrix.
% K = [ n s a p;
% 0 0 0 1]
% where n, s, a are three vectors fo 3 elements that represents the
% end-effector's orientation, and p is the desired end-effector position.

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Rahul Jain

is anyone have cpp code for solving inverse kinematics?

I'm trying to write your code in c#, because of my master thesis and I have some problems with the input argument. How can i calculate the inverse kinematics when all i have is the DH-Matrix and a vektor with position and orientation of my desired endeffector position?

I'm trying to write your code in c#, because of my master thesis and I have some problems with the input argument. How can I calculate the inverse kinematics when all I have is the DH-Matrix and a vector with position and orientation of my desired end-effector position?

Hello Andrea ! I have the same question as the others. Can you give us an example of the input arguments please ?

Thank you in advance

ilya bonder

i have a project in invers kinematiks to do and I need help
pls anyone

Uede Max

Can someone explain, why c2 and s2 are defined but actually not in use for the code? Apart from that, code runs smoothly.

hi andrea, i am taking your code as base to 3D simulation using matlab, can you show an example of how you define your variable input (direct Kinematic matrix) i have the error in line 22 of input arguments, i know n,s,a are the end effectors orientation and p is just the position how i make that input?

andrea...the script works fine ...however, the solution which the script returns if run through the forward kinematics algorithm of 6 dof anthropomorphic arm doesnt return the rotation and orientation matrix which was entered in the argument section of your script? have you ckecked the validity of the solution against forward kinematics algorithms.

@Andrea I understand from the code that we have to enter the input parameters which define the end-effector position and orientation. Just for reference, can you give an example of these input parameters? Values that are 100% certain to work with this code? I tried to input my own parameters but the code didn't run. Thanks!!

I got this error when I run the program
Not enough input arguments.

Error in ik (line 22)
dk=K; % Position and orientation of end-effector

I have changed the DH parameters and provided the right forward kinematics matrix, but I get this:

Error using atan2
Inputs must be real.

Error in ik6dof (line 38)

@Marco Dado
The script work fine. You have to specify as input variable the homogeneous matrix that express the end effector frame with respect to the base frame of the robot. Please, refer to the Description reported in the script file.

Marco Dado

The script doesn't work:
Error using ik6dof (line 22)
Not enough input arguments.

- It consider only a set of coordinate in order to avoid singularity conditions, which are not managed in the script
- The use of the EE coordinate is a choise of the author and it is not an error


This script doesn't work:
- it considers only a set of coordinate
- you are using the EE coordinate instead of the wrist coordinate.

How run this file???

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