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Find local peaks in a signal


Updated 2 May 2012

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Efficiently finds local maxima in a signal (NlogN time) - these are defined as points in which are the higher than any other point within a specified range.

Matlab's "findpeaks" has a slightly different definition in which peaks simply have to be spaced apart by some minimum distance, but do not have to be actual maxima in their region.

To see the difference:
[locs heights]=peakperformance(x,30); % Find all peaks that are the highest within 30 samples
[heights2 locs2]=findpeaks(x,'minpeakdistance',30);
clf; plot(x); hold all; plot(locs,heights,'*'); plot(locs2,heights2-.05,'*');
legend '' 'peakperformance' 'findpeaks'

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