Braiding technology fo textiles, Elsevier

Complementary files to the book "Braiding technology for textiles"
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This submission consists of the files to the book "Braiding technology for textiles" of Elsevier by Yordan Kyosev
The files ch15_1.m, ch15_2.m, ch15_3.m
and ch15_4.m are demonstrating some basic commands of Matlab.
File lflat.m is used to compute parameters of flat braided structures.

The moments of the forces on the bobbin are calculated in

The carrier path of spiral braiding machines is calculated and visualized in

Horn gears with different number of slots can be drawn with the function

And the yarn tension forces during the unwinding of the carrier were measured and recorded using this script withint the DAQ toolbox:

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Kyosev Yordan (2024). Braiding technology fo textiles, Elsevier (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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