Controllers for Thorlabs PM100 (2006/older era)

This is a simple library giving you basic controls over a thorlabs PM100 power meter.
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This allows a computer to automate several of the power meter's functions. This library should be able to control several meters simultaneously. I specifically tested it by taking the custom thorlabs db-9 cable coming out of the power meter, plugging it into a prolific serial to usb adapter, and plugging that usb into my computer. You should be careful with the db-9 cable. The official thorlabs cable is not rs-232. The manual claims the cable is a null modem cable (cross over). But it appears to be a custom wiring not typical of null modem cables you can purchase online. Using a continuity test on a multimeter I was able to wire up my own version of this cable. Included is a diagram showing the pinout I used which is working.

It should be fairly straightforward to adapt the thorpm_findinstrument.m program to use a COM port directly, and it may not require any modification at all. This library allows you to use several power meters at the same time.
The functions provided are:
-open communication
-read power
-read calibration wavelength (this wavelength is used for correction purposes by the instrument, but not all power meter heads use this feature)
-set calibration wavelength

Additionally I have included the original pdf document, which can be used to create any other possible functions. Feel free to ask questions, it would be very exciting to learn that my work is being used by others.

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-v 1.1 update: included information about the custom db-9 cable and the pinout diagram.