Carnatic Music Melakartha Ragams

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Ragam is an array of notes. The 12 musical notes combine to form the 72 "root" ragams. This Matlab script lists and plays these 72 ragams.


Updated 10 Oct 2020

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Ragam is a concept foreign to classical European music, but central to Indian classical music. Ragam is an array of musical notes. There are 12 unique notes (frequencies) or swaras in most forms of music. These 12 swaras are represented as 16 in Carnatic music purely for easier notation. The 16 swaras combine to form the 72 ragams, called Melakartha ragams. "Kartha" means the root. All other ragams are derived from Melakartha ragams.

This Matlab script lists these 72 ragams, prompts and plays a random ragam. Note that most ragams are sung with gamakas, this program plays plain notes.


Music - the life giver.

Your ideas and suggestions on improving this code and concept are welcome.

Arun Seshadri

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Arun Seshadri Rammohan (2022). Carnatic Music Melakartha Ragams (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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