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System Composer: Reading Stereotype Parameter from Component
Stereotype information does not flow to the Simulink behavior model, however there is a way that you can implement this. Rathe...

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How to decode DL-SCH data when C-RNTI and DL-SCH Settings are unknown
SIB1 is a piece of information with known modulation and periodicity, unlike any PDSCH associated with a particular UE. Decoding...

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LTE: Downlink and Uplink decoding procedure
Where and how UL decoding fits depends on several factors, including where we are looking at FDD or TDD transmission. In the for...

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How to generate entities where the inter-arrival times are specified from a Spreadsheet (Simulink)
Q1: This example has a spreadsheet file named ‘seExamplesSpreadsheetData.xlsx’ with columns ‘id’ and ‘svctime’. To specify your ...

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