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Replace assembly with C-model for codeprover
Hi Stein- There are a few options for this. Which of them you use depends on how the code builds and links, as well as wheth...

oltre 3 anni ago | 0

HI, it is possible to import the comments from Excel file in Polyspace?
Hi Tatchou- This is not currently possible. We have tried to provide an interface to adding comments, statuses and sever...

oltre 4 anni ago | 0

Green color code in Polyspace(R2014a) report
Hi Dinesh- Green is the most valuable color provided by Code Prover. With the Polyspace coloring paradigm, Green checks are ...

oltre 4 anni ago | 0

Is there a workaround in the Polyspace tool to avoid justified checks from showing up again?
Hi Ali- With both Code Prover and Bug Finder, when you justify a finding, it is very important that justifications can be val...

oltre 4 anni ago | 0

In Polyspace Code, while configuring DRS, even if a user defined function's argument is initialized with "Init Range", it is not affective in verification
Hi Jyothi- There are *2 different conflicting configuration settings* happening here: # The DRS configuration, also known ...

oltre 4 anni ago | 0