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kafka integration to matlab
Can see a few integration options in this github entry - including a MATLAB integration. There are also Simulink, Code Generati...

circa 2 anni ago | 1

how can i get the matlab support package for petrel ?
you can request the MATLAB Interface for Petrel here: <

oltre 4 anni ago | 2

Raspberry PI Cam in working in Matlab but not working in Simulink
Hi Christian, I think you are executing this Simulink model in normal mode (and thus not getting a connection to the RPi). S...

oltre 6 anni ago | 0

| accepted

Support for Lego Mindstorms EV3
MathWorks provided support for MATLAB in 14b (passing data back and forth), and Simulink in 14a(programming the device). You ca...

circa 7 anni ago | 1

How can I convert a Matlab Code into a Simulink model for running on a Raspberry Pi?
Here is an old post that relates -

circa 7 anni ago | 0

Add new Pixhawk block
Hi Giulio, For additional peripheral support, you can create blocks via this guide:

circa 7 anni ago | 0

Simulink built-in support for the PandaBoard?
R2012b has released support for PandaBoard as a built-in Simulink Target. Please see this page for more information: http://ww...

oltre 7 anni ago | 2

No FPGA boards listed for HDL Verifier
But you may want to try this process yourself - if you have a machine with the products that does have access to the internet......

circa 8 anni ago | 0

How to configure Simulink Arduino support package
Hello Gabriel, Have you been been able to successfully run any of the demo models that come with Arduino Run on Target Hardwa...

oltre 9 anni ago | 0

How can I have LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Hardware support in Matlab 2010a?
There is also this summary of prior release support: ...

oltre 9 anni ago | 0

Raspberry Pi Support in XPC Toolbox
R2013a (as of 3/7/2013) supports Raspberry Pi for Simulink Target Hardware: check it out...

oltre 9 anni ago | 0

National Instruments mydaq
mydaq is supported from R2012a using the Data Acquisition Toolbox. For closed loop control and the timing requirements that c...

circa 10 anni ago | 0

More Arduino(UNO)-Simulink example !!
Check out the Arduino Support from Simulink facecast as well: (then click on A...

oltre 10 anni ago | 0

Real Time Simulation and HIL
without getting into some of the loaded terms of 'real-time' and 'HIL' and what that means to folks... Assume you want to put...

oltre 10 anni ago | 1

| accepted

Arduino and Simulink?
As of R2012a, MathWorks enabled Simulink to have built-in hardware support for Arduino, Lego, and Beagleboard. This allows us...

oltre 10 anni ago | 4