Axioma Portfolio

Software for building, refining, and evaluating actionable strategies to meet investment objectives


  • Extensive optimization modeling
  • Robust optimization captures uncertainty in the alpha generation process
  • Automatic compensation for underprediction of risk that is endemic in optimized portfolios
  • Constraint hierarchy provides a comprehensive approach for managing infeasibilities
  • Constraint attribution technology with dashboard view of constraint costs on a portfolio
  • Custom sensitivity analyses provide greater insights into portfolio performance


Axioma Portfolio™ software is designed specifically for portfolio managers to help them build, refine, and evaluate actionable strategies to meet their investment objectives. Axioma offers innovative products, provides thought leadership on portfolio optimization, and is committed to personal service and client training. 

With Axioma Portfolio, portfolio managers can model their objectives using many combinations of constraint parameters, robust optimization, and the Alpha Factor™ method to prevent underestimation of risk. 

A MATLAB® interface enables users to access Axioma Portfolio's methods and data objects without Java™ programming. Using native MATLAB commands, the user can pass parameters to Axioma Portfolio's API as well as download results for further analysis inside MATLAB.

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  • Modeling and Simulation Tools


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