Sonnet Suites

3D planar high-frequency electromagnetic software


  • Analyze multilayer planar RF circuits, packages, interconnects, and antennas
  • Extract accurate full-wave electrical and parasitic models for planar RF circuits and structures
  • Model high-frequency EM crosstalk between all transmission lines considered in analysis
  • Extract high-frequency parasitics, DC and RF skin effect loss, dielectric losses, and radiation losses for arbitrary planar circuit and antenna layouts
  • Determine current density and far-field radiation patterns of planar circuits and antennas
  • Analyze data from kHz through THz frequencies


Sonnet’s suites of high-frequency electromagnetic (EM) software help users meet demanding design challenges involving predominately 3D planar circuits and antennas, including microstrip, stripline, and coplanar waveguide; PCBs (single and multiple layers); and RF packages incorporating any number of layers of metal traces embedded in stratified dielectric material and combinations with vias, vertical metal sheets (z-directed strips), and any number of layers of metal traces embedded in stratified dielectric material.

The Sonnet Suites develop precise RF models (S-, Y-, Z-parameters or extracted SPICE model) for planar circuits and antennas. The software requires a physical description of the circuit (arbitrary layout and material properties for metal and dielectrics) and employs a rigorous Method-of-Moments EM analysis based on Maxwell's equations that includes all parasitic, cross-coupling, enclosure, and package resonance effects.

Sonnet offers SonnetLab Toolbox for MATLAB, a free add-on that enables MATLAB® users to control and automate Sonnet's 3D planar electromagnetic simulator. Users can manipulate every aspect of a Sonnet project from within the MATLAB environment. SonnetLab is fully compatible with all Sonnet Suites product levels, including the free version, SonnetLite. With the toolbox, users can enhance tuning and optimization of planar RF circuits, avoid repetitive work by automating similar tasks, drive Sonnet’s 3D planar EM analysis engine directly from MATLAB, increase productivity and save time by writing scripts to modify layouts, and extend the functionality of Sonnet by implementing optimization algorithms available in other MATLAB toolboxes.

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