Applied Industrial Process Monitoring

Customized data analysis solutions to improve industrial processes


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TIPb provides services specifically for the chemical, food, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and biochemical industries. We offer training and consultancy to improve processes using data analysis tools. TIPb provides an unique process improvement program based on a stepwise approach. First, a process improvement index is selected, such as safety, health, environment, or quality. Second, process data is collected and the most suitable data analysis tool is carefully optimized to meet the requirements. Third, the algorithms are carefully tested and applied in order to establish process improvement. The whole trajectory is supported by training and software. Expertise lies in the field of statistical process monitoring (batch or continuous), spectroscopic modelling and data handling, process analysis, and chemometrics.

TIPb believes that transparency is the key to successful product development. Therefore, MATLAB is used for all data analysis tasks. We offer our clients full access to developed MATLAB code to provide insight and understanding in our data analysis solutions. To fully leverage the beneficial combination of data analysis tools and MATLAB, our MATLAB solutions can be customized according to client needs. These solutions can be delivered as stand-alone applications, GUIs, integrated COM objects, Excel add-ins, and C and C++ libraries. Typical end users of TIPb's MATLAB solutions are researchers and application developers within medium sized to large multinational companies.


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