Powertrain Blockset

Version 1.2, part of Release 2017b, includes the following enhancements:

  • HEV Input Power-Split Reference Application: Use fully assembled model for HIL testing, tradeoff analysis, and control parameter optimization of a power-split hybrid like the Toyota Prius
  • CI and SI Engine Dynamometer Reference Applications: Resize engines and recalibrate controllers based on desired power and number of cylinders
  • New Drivetrain and Propulsion Blocks: Model drivetrain coupling, bidirectional DC-to-DC energy conversion, and flux-based PMSM motors​
  • Electric Motor Controllers: Calculate inverter electrical losses
  • Flux-Based Motor Parameterization: Generate parameters for Flux-Based PMSM and Flux-Based PM Controller blocks​

See the Release Notes for details.

Version 1.1, part of Release 2017a, includes the following enhancements:

  • Wide Open Throttle (WOT) Drive Cycle: Generate WOT drive cycle signals for performance testing
  • Engine-Out (EO) Emissions: Track EO emissions using combustion engine blocks
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle Reference Application: Minimize drive cycle fuel consumption using a dynamic embedded optimizer
  • Drivetrain Blocks: Model drivetrain coupling with Disc Clutch, Gearbox, and Planetary Gear blocks
  • Battery Parameterization: Generate parameters for Datasheet Battery and Equivalent Circuit Battery blocks

See the Release Notes for details.