Nuove funzionalità di Simulink

Simulink è in costante aggiornamento. Scopri le ultime funzionalità e le caratteristiche più recenti.

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Maggiori informazioni sulle ultime funzionalità aggiunte a Simulink per apportare modifiche intelligenti e aumentare la velocità di modellazione.
Maggiori informazioni sugli ultimi metodi di scheduling, partizione e integrazione di componenti software Simulink.
Maggiori informazioni su come eseguire in tutta facilità migliaia di simulazioni Simulink in parallelo con la funzione parsim.

Smart Editing

Port Connection Cues: Highlight compatible ports as you draw a signal line

Hidden Block Names: Improve model appearance by hiding default block names

Reduced Bus Wiring: Quickly group signals as buses and automatically create bus element ports for fewer signal lines between and within subsystems

Automatic Port Creation: Add inports and outports to blocks when routing signals

Simulation Analysis

Simulation Pacing: Run simulations at wall clock speed or other specified pace for improved visualization

Simulation Data Inspector in the Live Editor: Add, view, and edit Simulation Data Inspector plots directly in the Live Editor

Sample Time Legend: Interactively identify rates in your model through highlighting with the new Sample Time Legend

Diagnostic Handling: Directly fix errors and warnings from diagnostic messages, such as algebraic loops, as well as manage suppressed diagnostics

Hit Crossing Messages: Create Messages for debugging and send them to Stateflow and SimEvents to indicate events in Simulink for hybrid system modeling

Signal Tracing: Highlight and navigate a signal from its source to a destination

Unified Streaming and Logging: Mark a signal once to stream it to the Simulation Data Inspector and log it to the MATLAB workspace

Simulation Data Inspector: Run simulation comparisons with a new UI, time tolerance support, and faster performance

Simulation Data: Easily access simulation output data in the MATLAB Variable Editor and MATLAB Command Window

Performance Improvements

Simulink Cache: Get simulation results faster by using shared model artifacts

Just-in-Time Acceleration Builds: Quickly build the top-level model for improved performance when running simulations in Accelerator mode

Automatic Solver Option: Set up and simulate your model more quickly with automatically selected solver settings.  

Parallel Simulations

Simulation Manager: Monitor, inspect, and visualize simulation progress and results

Parallel Simulations: Directly run multiple parallel simulations from the parsim command

Inport File Streaming: Stream large input signals from MAT-files without loading the data into memory

Upgrade Capabilities

Simulink Project Upgrade: Streamline upgrade to a new release by checking compatibilities of MATLAB code files in your project

Simulink Project Upgrade: Easily update all the models in your Simulink Project to the latest release

Hardware Support

Simulink Support Package for PARROT Minidrones: Deploy flight control algorialgorithms on PARROT minidrones

Support for Android and iOS Mobile Devices: Create mobile apps directly from Simulink models

Wireless Connectivity: Use UDP and TCP/IP blocks to let Simulink hardware targets communicate with each other

Real-Time Software Modeling

Schedulable Components: Explicitly schedule models for simulation and adaptation to your software environment

Scoped Simulink Functions: Create Simulink Functions that can now cross model boundaries for reusable software components

Initialize and Terminate Function Blocks: Respond to events to model dynamic startup and shutdown behavior

Project Management

Impact Analysis: Easily identify dependencies and impacts of block or requirement changes in your Simulink project

Model Compare and Merge: Identify differences between model elements, Stateflow charts, and MATLAB Function blocks

Automatic Project Creation: Easily turn a folder into a project and manage your files, data, and environment in one place

Missing Product Identification: Fix models with unresolved library links and unknown block types by finding and installing missing products

Data Management

Undefined Variable Detection: Get instant notifications about missing variables while editing your model

Model Design Data: Use multiple sources for your design data by allowing Data Dictionary to access the base workspace

Signal Editor: Create and edit input signals that can be organized for multiple simulations

Model Data Editor: Easily view, filter, group, and edit more data used by a model including signals, states, and referenced variables

Property Inspector: Edit parameters and properties of model elements using a single interface

Variant Modeling

Variant Signals in Buses: Use variant conditions to dynamically add and remove bus elements

Simulink Variants: Create more customizable variant models by using improved Variant Subsystem and variant condition propagation capabilities