Latest Features

Explore the latest MATLAB features for neuroscience

Neurosignals and Biosignals

Analyze neural, physiological, and behavioral time-series data.

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Neuroimaging, Microscopy, and Behavior

Analyze images, volumes, and videos at the neuron, brain, and whole-subject scales. 

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Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Create, train, and run models for neuroscience data.

  • Deep Learning: Apply CNN models to 3-D image data and LSTM models to video data
  • Deep Learning: Import models from and export to other frameworks using the ONNX model format
  • Machine Learning: Discover clusters and noise in data with the DBSCAN algorithm
  • Multidimensional Visualization: Visualize high-dimensional data using t-SNE

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Neural Data Science

Create, share, and scale data analyses.

Experiment Control

Process live signals for brain recordings, behavioral control systems, and BCIs.

  • Performance: Run existing MATLAB code over 2x faster
  • MATLAB Coder: Translate over 2000 MATLAB functions to ANSI C or C++ code
  • Stateflow: Graphically design state machine logic to run in MATLAB or Simulink
  • Data Acquisition Toolbox: Build custom adaptors to third-party hardware devices
  • Multithreading: Call MATLAB asynchronously from user-created threads using the C++ engine API

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