Solve Large Problems with MATLAB

MathWorks parallel computing products help you harness a variety of computing resources for solving your computationally intensive problems. You can accelerate the processing of repetitive computations, process large amounts of data, or offload processor-intensive tasks on a computing resource of your choice—multicore computers, GPUs, or larger resources such as computer clusters and cloud computing services.

Explore Products for Parallel Computing

Speed Up MATLAB Programs with Minimal Programming Effort

Parallel programming constructs in Parallel Computing Toolbox™, such as parallel for-loops, and GPU-enabled MATLAB functions offer an easy way to speed up your MATLAB® code. Using these constructs to accelerate your computations require minimal code changes. Built-in parallel and GPU computing algorithms significantly reduce the programming effort required for you to take advantage of your high-performance systems.

Process Large Matrices with Distributed Arrays and Parallel MATLAB Functions

Using Parallel Computing Toolbox and MATLAB Parallel Server™, you can work with matrices and multidimensional arrays that are distributed across the memory of a cluster of computers. Using these distributed arrays, you can store and perform computations on big data sets that are too large to fit in a single computer’s memory. Over 150 parallel MATLAB functions, including linear algebra operations such as mldivide (\), lu and chol, are available for performing computations on these large distributed matrices. Using these functions you interact with arrays as you would with MATLAB arrays and manipulate distributed data without low-level MPI programming.