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Link AUTOSAR Components to Simulink Requirements

If you have Requirements Toolbox™ software, you can link components in an AUTOSAR architecture model to Simulink® requirements. By linking model elements that implement requirements to the associated requirements, you can track implementation of the requirements. If a requirement or an implementation changes, you can make adjustments to keep them in sync.

To link a component to a requirement:

  1. Open an architecture model, such as example model autosar_tpc_composition. (To open the model in a local working folder, use openExample('autosar_tpc_composition').)

  2. In the Apps tab, click Requirements Manager. In the model window, the Requirements tab opens, with the Requirements Browser docked at the bottom.

  3. Create or open a requirements set. If you opened example model autosar_tpc_composition, you can use the example requirements file TPC_Requirements.slreqx, which is on the default MATLAB® search path. If you need to copy the requirements file to your working folder, enter this MATLAB command:


    In the Requirements Browser, open the requirements file. The requirements set contains requirements for four components in the model.

  4. To link a requirement to an AUTOSAR component, drag the requirement from the Requirements Browser to the component block. For example, drag requirement 4 to the Actuator component block.

For more information, see Link Blocks and Requirements (Requirements Toolbox) and Author Requirements in MATLAB or Simulink (Requirements Toolbox).

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