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Read microarray data from GenePix Results (GPR) file


GPRData = gprread(File)
gprread(..., 'PropertyName', PropertyValue,...)
gprread(..., 'CleanColNames', CleanColNamesValue)



GenePix® Results (GPR) formatted file. Enter a character vector or string specifying a file name, or a path and file name.


Controls the creation of column names that can be used as variable names.


GPRData = gprread(File) reads GenePix results data from File and creates a MATLAB® structure (GPRData).

gprread(..., 'PropertyName', PropertyValue,...) defines optional properties using property name/value pairs.

gprread(..., 'CleanColNames', CleanColNamesValue) controls the creation of column names that can be used as variable names. A GPR file may contain column names with spaces and some characters that the MATLAB software cannot use in MATLAB variable names. If CleanColNamesValue is true, gprread returns names in the field ColumnNames that are valid MATLAB variable names and names that you can use in functions. By default, CleanColNamesValue is false and the field ColumnNames may contain characters that are invalid for MATLAB variable names.

The field Indices of the structure contains indices that can be used for plotting heat maps of the data.

For more details on the GPR format, see

The function supports versions 3, 4, and 5 of the GenePix Results Format.


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This example shows how to read and display data from a GenePix® result (GPR) file.

Read in a sample GPR file.

gprStruct = gprread('mouse_a1pd.gpr')
gprStruct = struct with fields:
         Header: [1x1 struct]
           Data: [9504x38 double]
         Blocks: [9504x1 double]
        Columns: [9504x1 double]
           Rows: [9504x1 double]
          Names: {9504x1 cell}
            IDs: {9504x1 cell}
    ColumnNames: {38x1 cell}
        Indices: [132x72 double]
          Shape: [1x1 struct]

Plot the median foreground intensity for the 635 nm channel.

maimage(gprStruct,'F635 Median')

Version History

Introduced before R2006a