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Mesh Networking

Bluetooth 5.0 mesh network communication

The mesh networking capabilities of Bluetooth® Toolbox enable you to create a Bluetooth mesh network and realize mesh packet communication.

Use the features and reference examples to:

  • Create, configure, and visualize a Bluetooth mesh network.

  • Analyze mesh packet communication and compute energy consumption of nodes in the transmission, listen, sleep, and idle states.

  • Simulate managed flooding and visualize the flow of packets.

Bluetooth mesh network illustrating the relationship between LPN and Friend nodes


addMobilityAdd random waypoint mobility model to Bluetooth LE node (Since R2023b)
configureFriendshipConfigure friendship between Friend node and LPN (Since R2022a)
bleLLAdvertisingChannelPDUGenerate Bluetooth LE LL advertising channel PDU (Since R2019b)
bleLLAdvertisingChannelPDUDecodeDecode Bluetooth LE LL advertising channel PDU (Since R2019b)


wirelessNetworkSimulatorWireless network simulator (Since R2022b)
bluetoothLENodeBluetooth LE node (Since R2022a)
bluetoothLEPeriodicAdvConfigBluetooth LE periodic advertisements configuration (Since R2024a)
bluetoothMeshProfileConfigBluetooth mesh profile configuration parameters (Since R2022a)
bluetoothMeshFriendshipConfigBluetooth mesh friendship configuration parameters (Since R2022a)
bleLLAdvertisingChannelPDUConfigBluetooth LE LL advertising channel PDU configuration parameters (Since R2019b)
networkTrafficOnOffOn-Off application traffic pattern generator (Since R2022a)