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Execute CGV object


result =


result = executes the model once for each input data that you added to the object. result is a boolean value that indicates whether the run completed without execution error. cgvObj is a handle to a cgv.CGV object.

After each execution of the model, the object captures and writes the following metadata to a file in the output folder:

ErrorDetails — If errors occur, the error information.
status — The execution status.
ver — Version information for MathWorks® products.
hostname — Name of computer.
dateTime — Date and time of execution.
warnings — If warnings occur, the warning messages.
username — Name of user.
runtime — The amount of time that lapsed for the execution.


  • Only call run once for each cgv.CGV object.

  • The cgv.CGV methods that set up the object are ignored after a call to run. See the cgv.CGV for details.

  • You can call run once without first calling addInputData. However, it is recommended that you first save the required data for execution to a MAT-file, including the model inputs and parameters. Then use addInputData to pass the MAT-file to the CGV object before calling run.

  • The cgv.CGV object supports callback functions that you can define and add to the cgv.CGV object. These callback functions are called during in the following order:

    Callback functionAdd to object executes callback function...
    HeaderReportFcnaddHeaderReportFcnBefore executing input data in cgv.CGV
    PreExecReportFcnaddPreExecReportFcnBefore executing each input data file in cgv.CGV
    PreExecFcnaddPreExecFcnBefore executing each input data file in cgv.CGV
    PostExecReportFcnaddPostExecReportFcnAfter executing each input data file in cgv.CGV
    PostExecFcnaddPostExecFcnAfter executing each input data file in cgv.CGV
    TrailerReportFcnaddTrailerReportFcnAfter the input data is executed in cgv.CGV