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gamultiobj Options and Syntax: Differences from ga

The syntax and options for gamultiobj are similar to those for ga, with the following differences:

  • gamultiobj uses only the 'penalty' algorithm for nonlinear constraints. See Nonlinear Constraint Solver Algorithms for Genetic Algorithm.

  • gamultiobj takes an option DistanceMeasureFcn, a function that assigns a distance measure to each individual with respect to its neighbors.

  • gamultiobj takes an option ParetoFraction, a number between 0 and 1 that specifies the fraction of the population on the best Pareto frontier to be kept during the optimization. (If there are too few individuals of other ranks in step 6 of Iterations, then the fraction of the population on the best Pareto frontier can exceed ParetoFraction.)

  • gamultiobj uses only the Tournament selection function.

  • gamultiobj uses elite individuals differently than ga. It sorts noninferior individuals above inferior ones, so it uses elite individuals automatically.

  • gamultiobj has only one hybrid function, fgoalattain.

  • gamultiobj does not have a stall time limit.

  • gamultiobj has different plot functions available.

  • gamultiobj does not have a choice of scaling function.

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