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Check blocks with nonzero ULP error

Check ID: com.mathworks.HDL.ModelChecker.runNFPULPErrorChecks

Check ID: com.mathworks.HDL.ModelAdvisor.runNFPULPErrorChecks

Check for blocks that have nonzero ULP error with Native Floating Point.


This check detects blocks in your Simulink® model that have a nonzero ULP error in native floating-point mode. When you run the check, the Result subpane displays hyperlinks to the blocks that have nonzero ULP error, and the ULP values.

Results and Recommended Actions

To fix this warning, look for instances of blocks that have nonzero ULP error and specify a Tolerance Value by setting Floating point tolerance check based on the ULP error. You can then rerun the check.


Fixing warnings that are reported by this check does not guarantee that your Simulink model has a zero ULP error. Make sure that you verify the ULP of your design by using multiple methods, such as by generating HDL code and test benches.

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