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FPGA Board Manager


The FPGA Board Manager is the portal to managing custom FPGA boards. You can create a board definition file or edit an existing one. You can even import a custom board from an existing board definition file.

You start the FPGA Board Manager by one of the following methods:

  • By typing fpgaBoardManager in the MATLAB® command window

  • From the FIL wizard by clicking Launch Board Manager on the first page

  • From the HDL Workflow Advisor (when using HDL Coder™) at Step 1.1


Choose one of the following views:

  • All boards

  • Only those boards that were preinstalled with HDL Verifier™ or HDL Coder

  • Only custom boards


Find a specific board in the list or those boards that fully or partially match your search string.

FIL Enabled/Turnkey Enabled

These columns indicate whether the specified board is supported for FIL or Turnkey operations.

Create Custom Board

Start New FPGA Board wizard. See New FPGA Board Wizard. You can find the process for creating a board definition file in Create Custom FPGA Board Definition.

Add Board from File

Import a board definition file (.xml).

Get More Boards

Download FPGA board support packages for use with FIL

  1. Click Get more boards.

  2. Follow the prompts in the Support Package Installer to download an FPGA board support package.

  3. When the download is complete, you can see the new boards in the board list in the FPGA Board Manager.

Offline Support Package Installation

You can install an FPGA board support package without an internet connection. See Install Support Package Offline (HDL Verifier).


View board configurations and modify the information. You can view a read-only file but not edit it. See FPGA Board Editor.


Remove custom board from the list. This action does not delete the board definition XML file.


Makes a copy of an existing custom board for further modification.


Runs the validation tests for FIL See Run Optional Validation Tests.

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